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kuma_ri's Journal

what can i say about myself? Hm...i'm a girl or should i say a grown up girl...still cant believe i'm in twenties right noww... But my soul is still a teenager..kekeke..i love high sugar food.. and get sugar high later.. day dreaming is one of my habits.. sometime i did it without me realizing.. always being shouted at because of that..

Love all related to kpop.. Big fan of super junior and KARA.. they are just so adorable and so hard to resist..

i love kyumin and eunhae the most... Sometime kyuhyuk and kyuhae.. They are just hard to resist..keke.. Actively reading all fic related to them.. I must say i'm one of the bad writer.. English is not my first language so i'm learning...
Used to be a silent reader but now i'm trying my best to comment in every fic that i read...

I love all kpop songs.. Sometimes i even dance to them..kekeke.. it's you, No other and i wanna love you is my fav.. And the new single from sjm..i cant forget that..

Lets just support all kpop singers and entertainers out there..FIGHTING!!
daydreaming.., musics (jkpop), surfing..